I am Malaysian , married to a lovely Palestinian husband ^^,)
I am freelancer Illustrator
L0ve doodling.Love Baking. Love to spread Da'wah.

Ukhawahfillah . InsyaALLAH. :)

Nor Abdullah

Always leave LOVED ones with LOVING words.IT may be the LAST time you see THEM

Bismillahirrahmaan nirraheem.
Assalamua’aykum semuaa..

Akhirannn… siap juga latest design
yang telah ditambahbaik.

Sesungguhnya Allah pinjamkan kepada kita sedikit kemahiran. πŸ™† Moga digunakan dengan baik atas perkara dapat memberi manfaat.😌


Bismillahirrahmaan nirraheem..

Ok..some job done and wait for approval. πŸ˜‰…


Pagi ini saya benar-benar perlukan nasihat.
Lantas tangan membuka halaman Al Quran,
Tertancap di mata teguran Allah buat saya..
dari Surah kegemaran saya.„
Al Baqarah ayat 44
yang berbunyi..

Patutkah kamu menyuruh manusia supaya berbuat kebaikan sedang kamu lupa akan diri kamu sendiri; padahal kamu semua membaca Kitab Allah, tidakkah kamu berakal?

Allahurabbi…sungguh aku malu padaMU

- Surah Al Baqarah ayat 44









Source: Understanding the phenomenon of synesthesia.

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I experience forms of this.Β 

I have grapheme-color synesthesia. I made a post about it, like, a year ago. Where did I put that thing? Anyway, I’m an associator. :D

I remember reading about this in horrible science when I was young. There was a guy could apparently remember everything in his life due to synesthesia. I also remember he once told someone: β€œWhat a crumbly yellow voice you have!”

No formal diagnosis but ordinal-linguistic personification represent! It’s letters, numerals, and months for me. Letters are the strongest one.

reblogging with all the crap because it has the source but oh hey, i’m actually confirmed by a doctor to have this. it’s the most frustratingly beautiful thing.

I met a guy once who was a grapheme-color synesthete (associator) who was also a horror writer. Very interesting conversation, that.

OMFGOD. I never knew that the way I perceive numbers might be that. I never could explain to anyone how I percieve numbers, like they are a system with a place for each of them and how much easier for me is to learn placement and directions of the cyphers in a number, than actual symbols.Whoa. Wicked.

BTW, my map is 3D XD


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Love to draw food..
Will draw more insyaAllah!


Love to see them printed .😘

On the top -
my handrawn doodle 2 years ago think

and I printed note about Ramadhan..
Coz I missed Ramadhan so much ;’)


Bismillahirrahmaan nirraheem


Papercat on the wall !!😍
Using A4 paper cut and paste

Lama sudah nak print dan letal di ruang kerja saya.. hari ni baru dapat buat😘😘

Love to see my artwork printedπŸ˜™

Sometimes the people with the worst PAST create the best FUTURE
- Umar Al Khattab-

Worst Past to Be Best Future !

Everyone is entitled to a second chance and it’s not up to us to decide someone’s fate in the hereafter or judge their intentions in this world.

…”Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future” {Umar Ibn Khattaab )

Everyone makes mistakes in life and we learn from our mistakes.

Stop wasting precious time judging someone’s past and allow them to be - now - in the present.

If we can’t help someone to become better we should not remind them of their past or look down on them. If we do, then what does that say about us? Exactly!Β 

Mistakes are lessons in disguise and usually those who learn the hard way are the ones who are able to create the best future!

- Nadia Leona Yunis-


Everyday, anytime..say Alhamdulillah!